MAP - Thursday, August 8th 2019

Unemployment Rate Drops to 8.5% in 2019 Q2 (High Planning Commission)

Casablanca - Morocco's unemployment rate stood at 8.5% in the second quarter of 2019, compared with 9.1% a year earlier, according to the High Planning Commission (HCP). The number of unemployed people has declined from 1,103,000 to 1,026,000, following a drop of 77,000 in unemployed people, the HCP pointed out in a statement.

In urban areas, the unemployment rate declined from 13.7% to 12.4%, while in rural areas, the rate rose to 3.3% (+3%). The largest decreases were observed among graduate students (-1.4 point), adults aged between 25 and 34 (-0.9%) and young people aged between 15 and 24 (-0.8 point), the source pointed out.

On the other hand, the unemployment rate increased among people aged 45 and above (+0.3%) and women in rural areas (+0.2%). The Moroccan economy has created 7,000 jobs in the second quarter of 2019, against 117,000 jobs in the same period in 2018, the HCP added.

During the same period, some 132,000 jobs were created in urban areas while 125,000 jobs were lost in rural areas.