MAP - Friday, May 22nd 2020

The MSP Seeks to Raise Hopes for an 'Honourable Way' Out of Sahrawi's Long Ordeal

Bogota - The Movement of Sahrawis for Peace (MSP), created on April 22, aims to raise hopes among Sahrawi populations for an "honourable way that would end their long ordeal", Colombian think tank CPLATAM has pointed out. "It is the beginning of a new path and a moderate and balanced political proposal which aims to generate expectations and raise hopes for Sahrawis for an honourable solution which will put an end to their long ordeal", said CPLATAM, quoting Hach Ahmed Bericalla, one of the founders of this movement. For this former executive of the Polisario, designated First Secretary of the MSP, the movement, whose creation marks a break with the separatists, "is an initiative based on common sense" in order to get the Saharawis out of the "black hole", the source noted.

The creation of the MSP is also a response to the errors of the polisario who has taken a trajectory which "leads nowhere", the Colombian think tank stressed, echoing the remarks of the Saharawi dissident according to which the leaders of the separatists "cannot hide indefinitely behind a theoretical political discourse and be insensitive to the pain and difficulties" of the Sahrawis. For the First Secretary of the MSP, the separatists "must have the capacity and the courage to recognize their own mistakes and to speak sincerely" to the Sahrawis "to save what is still can be saved".

Quoting Hach Ahmed who held several high positions within the Polisario before leaving the separatists in 2015, CPLATAM said that the MSP was created after it was noted that any attempt to change was impossible from the inside. "The straw that broke the gamel's back occurred when I discovered, a little more than a year ago, the horrors of the secret prisons of the Polisario through testimonies of survivors of this hell", he said, citing, in this regard, the cases of Abdelaziz Heidala and Mohamed Moussa ould Chaga el Mokhtar, who died under torture in the infamous Rashid prison. "Those who have suffered the most and continue to suffer are civilians, women and children", who live in Tindouf camps in a desert where "life is almost impossible", the Colombian think tank pointed out.