MAP - Saturday, February 9th 2019

Spain Donates to Morocco Great Cervantes Theatre in Tangier

Madrid - The Spanish government adopted, on Friday in the Council of ministers, a decision according to which Spain irrevocably donates to Morocco the great Cervantes theatre in Tangier.

The Spanish Council of ministers has adopted a decision authorizing the signing and provisional implementation of the protocol between Spain and Morocco on the irrevocable donation of the great Cervantes theatre in Tangier, according to a statement by the Spanish government.

This came following an offer by the Moroccan government to restore and manage the theatre in return for becoming its owner and a commitment on its part to preserve the Spanish stamp in the cultural programming of this institution.

The transfer of this building to Morocco will be made through a protocol which, by its form and content, constitutes an international agreement. The text will therefore have to be adopted by both chambers of the Spanish parliament.

The Spanish government recalls that the great Cervantes theatre in Tangier is one of the most important cultural facilities in the city, stressing that it is also a building of great architectural value that needs to be rehabilitated.