MAP - Saturday, November 2nd 2019

Rabat: Creation of Afro-Latin American Parliamentary Forum

Rabat - The Afro-Latin American Parliamentary Forum "AFROLAC" was created, on Friday in Rabat, with the aim of setting up an institutional body for constructive interactive dialogue between Parliaments of the two continents. AFROLAC, whose Constitutive Declaration was signed by the speakers of the two houses of the Moroccan Parliament, and the presidents of the Pan-African Parliament, the Latin American and the Caribbean Parliament, the African Parliamentary Union, the Central American Parliament, the Parliament of the West African Economic Community and the Andean Parliament, is an institutional body for constructive interactive dialogue and a platform for parliamentary work aimed at facilitating regional integration and promoting South-South cooperation.

According to the Constitutive Declaration, It is also an advocacy mechanism for the peoples of Latin America and Africa on issues related to peace, social justice, sustainable development, climate justice, global democratic governance, the rule of law and human rights. The establishment of AFROLAC takes account of the strategic importance of South-South cooperation and global popular mobilization, as well as the pressing need for effective parliamentary diplomacy to consider more favorable prospects for multilateral cooperation and deepening the strategic dimension, which will make parliamentary cooperation between the two regions a driving force for strengthening South-South cooperation. The founders of this body affirm, in the constitutive declaration, that they appreciate the role of the Kingdom of Morocco under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI in development and solidarity initiatives to bolster partnership and South-South cooperation.