MAP - Monday, September 9th 2019

Quebec: Body of Missing Young Moroccan Pilot Found

Montreal, 07/09/2019 (MAP) - The body of the young Moroccan pilot Hind Barch, who was flying the Cessna 172 plane that went missing three days ago, was found on Saturday afternoon in the Estrie region, Quebec, the police of Quebec announced. "The death of the 22-year-old woman has been confirmed," the police said in a statement. A Canadian army helicopter located the plane in the municipality of Racine in Estrie, said police spokesperson Stephanie Jauvin, quoted in the statement. According to the same source, an investigation will be conducted in collaboration with the Transportation Safety Board to clarify the circumstances of the accident. Hind Barch, a flight attendant at Air Transat, needed more flight hours, on day and night, to obtain a professional license and become a commercial airline pilot. Her plane, which belongs to Cargair Aviation Academy, left Mirabel (near Montreal) on Wednesday night and vanished off the radar screens about 37 km northwest of Sherbrooke.