MAP - Friday, September 6th 2019

OCP Group, Ghana Sign Two Agreements to Optimize Fertilizer Value Chain

Accra - The OCP group and Ghana's Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA) signed, on Thursday in Accra, two cooperation agreements to optimize the Ghanaian agriculture's fertilizer value chain. The first one is a cooperation agreement regarding the farmer centric activities, soil mapping, innovation and digital farmer registration, while the second one is a "Term Sheet" for the industrial project, aimed at strengthening key aspects of the development of Ghanaian agriculture and industry, said a joint statement. This agreement follows on from the Memorandum of Understanding signed in September 2018, in which OCP Group and the Government of Ghana, represented by the MOFA, set out to improve the fertilizer value chain to provide "customized fertilizers at competitive prices to Ghanaian farmers," said the statement.

Alongside this latest Cooperation Agreement, OCP has also launched its IMPULSE program, developed by the Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P), which aims at accelerating start-ups and active agri-entrepreneurs in the agricultural sector. The statement recalled that, in August 2019, Accra hosted the first stage of the IMPULSE program's African tour. "OCP Group will also offer a wide range of services, notably the promotion of entrepreneurship through the recently launched IMPULSE program, focused on 4 strategic fields, including agriculture." 

For better efficiency, OCP Group has included extensive research from the UM6P University, including start-up aspects, JESA (OCP Group's engineering subsidiary dedicated to the African continent alongside OCP Africa), OCP Africa (its African subsidiary) and OCP foundation, it noted. In addition, this partnership reinforces the construction project of a fertilizer production plant, announced last September, to be located in the western part of Ghana, in the Jomoro's district, it said, adding that the project is still in its conceptual phase and topographic studies are in progress. With the availability and processing of the natural resources of both countries, combining natural gas from Ghana and phosphate from Morocco, the industrial unit is expected to have a fertilizer’s production capacity of around 1 million tons, the same source said. In tandem, the program will benefit from the setting up of digital solutions such as the MoFA farmer registration initiative, including technical and scientific innovation in collaboration with the TEAL, a JV between OCP and IBM. OCP initiatives are perfectly aligned with Ghana's Government strategy to boost the agricultural sector through its flagship program "Planting for Food and Job", said the statement. Ultimately, the joint initiatives of MoFA and OCP Group will help employability, provide access to quality fertilizers at a competitive price and significantly increase balanced fertilizer consumption by Ghanaian farmers.

In addition to the Presidential "Planting for Food and Job" Program undertaken by the Government of Ghana, OCP Africa, the Group's African subsidiary, has since 2017 launched support programs for Ghanaian farmers through appropriate training, soil testing and offtake market opportunities, it concluded.