MAP - Thursday, June 11th 2020

Moroccans Stranded Abroad: 310 Citizens Repatriated from Spanish Region of Andalusia

Rabat - Some 310 Moroccans, including 10 babies, stranded in Spain were repatriated on Wednesday on three flights from the southern Spanish region of Andalusia.

These humanitarian operations, which concerned three consular districts, namely Algeciras, Seville and Almeria, benefited in particular persons in precarious health condition, elderly people and those who no longer have means of subsistence. 

Upon their arrival in Tetouan, these citizens were tested for the novel coronavirus (Covid-19), in strict compliance with the health protocol in force, and they are now confined in hotels in the M'diq region for a period of nine days, while receiving the necessary medical support. 

This operation was carried in full compliance with precautionary measures.

The planes operated at two thirds of their capacity, as did the buses carrying the beneficiaries. They were also accompanied by consular officers who provided them with masks and hydro-alcoholic gels, all to ensure that no "health incidents" occurred.

Similar flights with the same dimensions will concern the central region of Spain from Madrid and will carry 300 stranded people in a precarious situation.

Next Monday, similar flights will benefit another 300 Moroccan citizens in the north-western region of Spain from Barcelona.

All these operations will follow the same health protocol, with testing for the virus on arrival and a nine-day confinement as part of the necessary medical follow-up to ensure that they will not pose a danger to themselves, their families and neighbours.

In total, more than 900 persons will be repatriated, which represents an acceleration of the pace of repatriation operations that will soon be extended to other regions and countries.