MAP - Monday, August 5th 2019

Moroccan Abdelfettah Karmane Wins 'Mondial Art Academy' Prize

Paris - Abdelfettah Karmane, prominent figure of the Moroccan artistic creativity, won the "Mondial Art Academy" prize for the third year in a row for his watercolor "Nature morte aux citrons" (Dead nature with lemons).

In 2016, Karmane, brand representative of the Moroccan artistic creativity (plastic and pictorial), obtained the first prize of the figurative painting awarded by "Mondial Art Academy", with his "Nature morte aux drap├ęs et objets traditionnels" (Dead nature with drapes and traditional objects". This painter is internationally known for the quality and brilliance of his products that express an impressive and fabulous mastery of figurative representation. He won in 2018 the first prize of the very famous "Mondial Art Academy France", in the figurative watercolor painting category.