MAP - Friday, November 8th 2019

Ivanka Trump Launches Campaign to Support Melkisation of Soulaliyate Lands in Sidi Kacem

Sidi Kacem - Advisor to U.S. President Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, launched, on Thursday in Sidi Kacem, a campaign to support the melkisation operation aimed at the appropriation of soulaliyate lands, as part of the Women's Global Development and Prosperity (W-GDP) Initiative.

During this field visit, Ivanka Trump learned about women's access to collective land, a project initiated under the High guidelines of HM King Mohammed VI and considered a major priority of the W-GDP to strengthen women's empowerment in Morocco.

The MCC Compact works to grant land titles to about 67,000 hectares of collective land, with a view to reaching about 56,000 beneficiaries in the Gharb and Al Haouz regions.

In addition, the American President's adviser chaired a ceremony to sign two agreements between several partners for an amount of more than $6 million, covering measures to support the melkisation operation through training in agricultural production, financial management and the fight against illiteracy.

The two agreements back the second and third pillars of the W-GDP initiative through economic activities targeting women in relation to agriculture. They also aim to create an enabling environment for women to access property rights.

The first agreement, signed by Abdelghni Lakhdar, director general of the Millennium Challenge Account-Morocco Agency (MCA Morocco), Siham Boggi, director of Gender and Social Integration at MCA Morocco, Jaouad Bahaji, director general of the National Agricultural Council Office (ONCA), is meant to establish a set of mechanisms to improve agricultural production methods in the rural world.

It also provides for the organization of training campaigns and caravans in the regions in order to strengthen the capacities of the targeted categories through vocational training and agricultural production techniques.

The second framework agreement, signed by Lakhdar, Boggi and Abdessamih Mahmoud, director of the National Agency for the fight against Illiteracy (ANLCA), focuses on the functional literacy program by using approaches that facilitate learning during the melkisation process. The aim is to carry out an integrated operation combining melkisation, literacy and agricultural consultation.

On this occasion, Ivanka Trump said that investing in women leaves the way for investment wide open, affirming that land ownership remains a sine qua non condition for stimulating economic and social development.

In this regard, she commended the MCC Compact team for its efforts to implement the W-GDP initiative in Morocco, while welcoming the adoption by the Moroccan parliament of new laws on soulaliyate lands.

The Women's Global Development and Prosperity Initiative was launched by US President Donald Trump with the objective of empowering 50 million women worldwide by 2025.

W-GDP is based on three pillars: support for women to develop their capacities with a view to greater profitability, access to credit and technical assistance for business creation and the promotion of women's working environment through changes in attitudes and laws.

Millennium Challenge Corporation CEO Sean Cairncross said he is proud of MCC's contribution to the U.S. President's initiative, particularly in the Kingdom, noting that the organization aims to promote the empowerment of women for development.

The United States supports the Moroccan government in this regard, Cairncross said, stressing MCC's commitment to poverty reduction in rural areas.

For his part, Jelloul Samsseme, wali attached to the central administration of the Ministry of the Interior, said that the measures accompanying the Melkisation operation carried out in application of the High royal directives will give a new impetus to economic and social development, particularly in favor of women.

In this regard, he recalled that a number of laws had been enacted to promote equal access to property, noting that the launch of the campaign was an opportunity to pay tribute to President Trump's initiative in favor of women.

Ivanka Trump arrived Wednesday at Rabat-Salé airport for a visit to the Kingdom that will be marked by talks with Moroccan officials in Rabat and Casablanca.