MAP - Tuesday, August 6th 2019

HM the King's Reforms Made Morocco 'Rising Force in World', Peruvian Expert

Lima - The reforms undertaken by HM the King Mohammed VI since his accession to the throne of his glorious ancestors have made Morocco a "rising force in the world", said Peruvian expert in law and international relations Miguel Angel Rodríguez Mackay. Morocco is a rising force in the world in the twenty-first century, Rodríguez Mackay wrote in an article published Sunday by Peruvian daily "Correo," noting that Morocco has undergone major transformations over the twenty-year reign of HM the King mainly in the field of carrying out major infrastructure projects.

In his article "Morocco, a rising power in the world," the Peruvian expert said that since his accession to the throne, HM King Mohammed VI started visiting various parts of the country to get informed directly of the situation of his people and their pressing needs. Morocco has a high-quality road and rail network, said the Peruvian expert, citing as an example the high-speed rail linking Tangier to Casablanca, the first of its kind in the African continent. He also highlighted Morocco's attraction of foreign investment, especially in the automotive sector, calling for considering Morocco as a "gateway to Africa". Regarding the national issue, the Peruvian expert wrote that Morocco had presented the autonomy initiative in the Sahara in order to end, once and for all, this artificial regional conflict which has been running for more than four decades.