MAP - Saturday, October 12th 2019

HM the King Calls on Parliamentarians to Meet Requirements of New Phase Outlined in State of Nation Address

Rabat – HM King Mohammed VI called, Friday, on parliamentarians to make sure their efforts are commensurate with the requirements of the new phase, which the Sovereign outlined in the last State of the Nation Address.

"For this reason, I think this legislative session should be used properly by parliamentarians to shoulder the responsibility citizens have entrusted them with, and compete to serve the citizens' interests and the nation’s causes," said the Sovereign in a speech before the members of the two houses of the parliament, on the occasion of the opening of the first session of the fourth legislative year of the tenth legislature.

“As Members of Parliament, you are also expected to make sure your efforts are commensurate with the requirements of the new phase, which I outlined in the last State of the Nation Address,” stressed HM the king.

The new phase which starts now, underlined the Sovereign, “requires not just the involvement of all, but also greater confidence and cooperation, and more unity, mobilization and vigilance, free from any pointless disputes, or wasting of time and energy”.

HM the king noted that this parliamentary year “should be placed under the motto of responsibility and hard work, since we are halfway through the current parliamentary term”.

“This means the present legislative session is quite some time away from the contentious debates that usually characterize the election period,” the Sovereign added.

Furthermore, HM the king said that one of the top priorities of this phase is “to implement reforms and follow up on decisions and project execution”.

As far as parliament is concerned, the Sovereign went on, “the Constitution has given it broad powers in the field of legislation, oversight of the government and assessment of public policy”.

“As Members of Parliament, you are responsible for the quality of the laws passed to implement projects and decisions on the ground, making sure they are attuned to the pulse of society, fulfil the citizens’ aspirations and address their concerns,” said HM the king.

The Sovereign also urged parliamentarians “to monitor government action concerning all matters relating to the management of public affairs, and to determine to what extent government action is responding to the real concerns of the citizens”.