MAP - Saturday, October 12th 2019

HM the King Calls on Govt. To Lay Down Well-Thought-Out Plans To Ensure Success of New Phase

Rabat - HM King Mohammed VI called on the government to lay down well-thought-out plans to ensure the success of the new phase that starts now. "The government is required to lay down well-thought-out plans, involving good preparatory work, careful implementation and continuous monitoring of decisions and projects, be it at the national, regional or local level," said the sovereign in a speech on the occasion of the opening of the first session of the fourth legislative year of the tenth legislature.

Since the administrative apparatus is put at its disposal, the government should tap all means available to it, especially statistical data and inspection and control mechanisms, in order to guarantee the efficient implementation of decisions, HM the King said. The sovereign also said that the government should make sure that stakeholders work with one another in a transparent, harmonious way.

In this regard, there can be no shirking of responsibility, especially if the principle of public accountability is strictly enforced, HM the King said. 

Building a country that is committed to progress and development and that responds to the concerns and aspirations of the citizens requires all stakeholders to take concerted action, the monarch noted.

HM the King called on the legislative institution as well as on the executive branch and the private sector - especially the banking sector - to be "actively involved in this national development endeavour and ensure the success of the new phase we are embarking upon."