MAP - Saturday, November 30th 2019

FAAPA, Policy Center for the New South Sign Partnership Agreement

Rabat - The Atlantic Federation of African Press Agencies (FAAPA) and the Policy Center for the New South (PCNS) on Friday signed a partnership agreement in Rabat to promote their cooperation and develop their collaboration. Signed by FAAPA President, Director General of the Moroccan News Agency (MAP), Khalil Hachimi Idrissi, and PCNS President, Karim El Aynaoui, the agreement is aimed at implementing joint initiatives and activities in the areas of training, information and communication, multimedia and new technologies and in other areas of common interest.

The agreement is intended to set up a framework for consultation and understanding and to facilitate cooperation between the two parties to achieve their common objectives. The areas of cooperation between the parties include research and development, vocational training, information and communication, multimedia, in addition to the organization of meetings and seminars on areas of common interest.

Speaking on this occasion, Hachimi Idrissi said the CPNS is a think tank that does a lot for the African continent, adding that the CPNS is a "place that inspires pride and dignity". The continent must have an intelligent and shareable future, he stressed, while calling for developing African expertise on Africa.

"We are always evaluated by others including in the media," he noted. For his part, El Aynaoui stressed that the Atlantic is a hot topic for the PCNS which "looks at the world of Africa, for Africa".

The PCNS, which has a permanent staff of 70 researchers in addition to forty affiliated researchers, is interested by economic and development issues, he pointed out. The PCNS publishes three reports per year and one book per month on these issues, he said.