MAP - Monday, June 1st 2020

Essaouira Proposes its Road Map for the Day After

Essaouira - "From the bathing season in July to that of the beginning of September, Essaouira now has a comprehensive, rational and realistic roadmap that allows all hopes for the days after," said, Saturday, André Azoulay, advisor to HM the King and founding president of the Essaouira-Mogador Association.

Speaking at the third meeting of the series of videoconferences which, since the end of April, has brought together once a week representatives of civil society, tourism operators and players on the cultural and artistic scene, Azoulay stressed "the exceptional convergence, coherence and synergy that has characterized this collective, proactive and pragmatic reflection, which has made it possible to optimize and conceptualize in record time the contents and feasibility scenarios of the multidisciplinary strategy that could be implemented as early as July".

In this perspective, the advisor to HM the King praised the listening and valuable contributions of the officials of the Province of Essaouira who have supported this initiative from its inception.

"This convergence and the complementary nature of the mobilization of all has been and will be a decisive asset for the success of this open, creative and participatory approach that Essaouira has chosen to favor," said Azoulay, recalling that the Essaouira-Mogador Association, which initiated this approach in partnership with the Provincial Council of Tourism (CPT), has from the outset highlighted the fact that "this Souiri agenda would fall within the regulatory framework decided by the government, and that is why we have developed for each project three feasibility scenarios, the minimal, the median and the optimal".

"(…) In Essaouira and for a little more than 30 years now, we have been enhancing our heritage and revisiting our history, immersing ourselves in the depth and modernity of the humanist values that have nurtured and largely determined the Souiri identity," said Azoulay.