MAP - Tuesday, September 10th 2019

DGAPR: Al-Hoceima Detainees Benefit from Good Accommodation Conditions

Rabat, 09/09/2019 (MAP) - The General Delegation for Prison Administration and Reintegration (DGAPR) said that the Al-Hoceima events' detainees enjoy good accommodation conditions, refuting the allegations made in the statement by an association claiming to defend human rights concerning the state of health and detention conditions of these prisoners in several penitentiaries. Al-Hoceima events' detainees benefit from good accommodation in clean cells with ventilation and lighting, and enjoy their rights to food, walk, bath and medical coverage, said the DGAPR responding to the press release that was run by several news websites and social networks. According to the DGAPR, these inmates have access to landline phone twice a week for ten minutes and benefit from additional calls at their request". Regarding family visits, the same source said that they take place in good conditions, adding that the detainees benefit from such visits collectively during a unified day in each of the institutions hosting this category of prisoners. With regard to pursuing studies and enrollment in literacy and vocational training programs, the concerned penitentiaries make sure to ensure favorable conditions for prisoners to meet their needs in this area. "Contrary to the allegations in the statement reporting a hunger strike, the DGAPR affirms that the detainee at the Tangier 2 local prison (KA) has never notified the administration of this prison of starting a hunger strike, and that he regularly receives his meals and his health condition is normal," said the DGAPR which describes as "false" these allegations.

As for the detainee in Nador 2 local prison (AA), he staged a hunger strike for reasons relating to his case and not to his incarceration conditions, said the General Delegation for Prison Administration and Reintegration, noting that he is under medical surveillance and his health state is stable. The prisoner (AF) was transferred from the Bourkaiz local prison to that of Toulal 2, after having finished his studies in vocational training, and where he was found in possession of illegal objects, the same source said, adding that he was brought before a disciplinary committee which decided to put him in a disciplinary cell. After making a request to the prison administration, the detainee was placed in a collective cell where he enjoys all his rights, including family visits.

The delegation also asserts that the administrations of the various penitentiaries ensure daily monitoring of the health state of prisoners on hunger strike, whether in their clinics or in public hospitals. They also welcome representatives of different specialized departments as well as the regional and central committees of the National Council for Human Rights (CNDH) to inquire about the conditions of these inmates.

The delegation also said that this association, by seeking to disseminate this kind of false and alarmist information meant to mislead the public opinion, is sticking to its method based on the exploitation of this issue to serve suspicious agendas that have nothing to do with these detainees' conditions of imprisonment.