MAP - Tuesday, November 5th 2019

Al Hoceima Events' Detainees Were Not Subjected to Ill-Treatment or Torture, Prison Administration

Rabat - People detained at the Ras El Ma prison in Fez as part of Al Hoceima events were not subjected to any ill-treatment or torture, said the General Delegation for Prison Administration and Reintegration (DGAPR).

In a statement on Monday, the DGAPR responded to allegations by the father of prisoner (N.Z), detained at the Ras El Ma prison in Fez as part of the Al Hoceima events, saying that the inmates held at the said prison suffered no ill-treatment or torture, adding that, on the contrary, the same detainees assaulted a number of prison employees and refused to comply with the orders of returning to their cells.

Given the offenses they have committed and in order to preserve the security of the institution and its inmates, disciplinary measures were taken against them by transferring them to other areas inside the same institution or to other prisons, while placing them in disciplinary cells, the same source added. While the father was claiming that his son is currently tortured, the latter was making a phone call with his lawyers, which proves that the allegations are mere lies and slander. The father of prisoner (N.Z) turned the Al Hoceima events into a business, blatantly exploiting the situation of several detainees within the framework of these events as well as the conditions of their families, said the DGAPR.