MAP - Saturday, September 7th 2019

Adoption by Brazilian Senate of Motion in Support of Morocco’s Autonomy Plan Underscores Soundness of Moroccan Initiative: Senators

Brasilia - The adoption by the Brazilian Senate of a motion in support of Morocco’s autonomy plan for the Sahara underscores the soundness and viability of the Moroccan initiative, Brazilian senators pointed out. The adoption of this motion is part of a long parliamentary and diplomatic tradition in Brazil to work for the resolution of disputes by defending just causes in the framework of dialogue and peace, Senator Nelsinho Trad, President of the Committee of Foreign Affairs and National Defense at the Brazilian Senate, told MAP.

Trad has welcomed, in this regard, the willingness of Morocco, a long-standing partner of Brazil, to find a political and consensual solution to the artificial dispute over the Moroccan Sahara. It is important to reinforce Morocco in its choices of diversity, pluralism, tolerance and unity of its Nation, said Senator Grosso Do Sul.

For his part, Senator Carlos Viana, Vice-President of the Morocco-Brazil Parliamentary Friendship Group, welcomed the adoption of this motion in support of the Moroccan autonomy initiative in the southern provinces, which, he pointed out, "respects the territorial integrity and national sovereignty of the Kingdom", while commending the leadership of the Kingdom at the regional and international levels in several areas. For the representative of the State of Minas Gerais, Morocco is a good example of a peaceful country that promotes cohabitation and acceptance of the other. Thanks to the political entente between Morocco and Brazil, ties of cooperation will further develop in the future, he added.

This motion reflects the long-standing and strong relations between Brazil and Morocco, said the senator of the State of Amazonia, Omar Aziz, adding that the adoption of this motion is aimed at supporting Kingdom's efforts on the international scene to reach a peaceful and mutually acceptable solution. "The appropriate framework for this solution remains the autonomy plan in the southern provinces that guarantees to Morocco its full sovereignty, in accordance with the UN resolutions," he said.

Moreover, the senator highlighted the important role that HM King Mohammed VI played in the modernization and openness of Morocco to the world, as well as in the promotion of universal human values, as reflected by the visit paid by Pope Francis to Morocco in the framework of the promotion of a permanent interreligious dialogue. In his turn, Senator Antonio Anastasia deemed the motion as "important", adding that the adoption of this document reinforces the willingness of Morocco, "a friend of Brazil", to find a political, consensual and sustainable solution to this regional dispute.

The Brazilian Federal Senate (upper house) has adopted by a large majority a motion in support of the Moroccan autonomy initiative in the southern provinces, which "respects the Kingdom's territorial integrity and national sovereignty". Senate Speaker, Davi Alcolumbre, sent Wednesday to the Brazilian Foreign Minister this motion in support of the autonomy initiative presented by Morocco, with a view to finding a consensual and sustainable political solution to the regional conflict over the Moroccan Sahara.

Adopted by 62 Senators out of a total of 81, the document underlines that "Brazil's support for the Moroccan autonomy proposal will be consistent with UN Security Council resolutions as well as with the position of the international community for the search of a realistic and consensual political solution to this regional conflict". Brazilian senators expressed, in this regard, their support for the autonomy plan that "respects the territorial integrity and the national sovereignty of Morocco".

The motion, which also welcomes the "common values of tolerance, plurality and diversity" that link Morocco to Brazil, is the first of its kind to be adopted by the Brazilian Senate. On June 13, Brazilian Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo affirmed on the occasion of the visit to Brasília of the Moroccan minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Nasser Bourita, that "Brazil supports Morocco's efforts to find a realistic solution to the Sahara issue and is willing to contribute to the various efforts to reach solutions beyond rhetoric ".

In May 2018, the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies (lower house) adopted, by a large majority, a motion in support of the Moroccan autonomy initiative.