Par MAP le Mercredi 22 Janvier 2020

UK Wants To Make Morocco 'Hub' and 'Gateway' to Africa after Brexit, Official

London - The United Kingdom wants to make Morocco a hub and a gateway to Africa after Brexit, Minister Delegate for Foreign Affairs Mohcine Jazouli said on Tuesday in London. In a statement to MAP on the sidelines of the Morocco-United Kingdom Business Dialogue held in the British capital, Jazouli underlined that Morocco and the United Kingdom are "writing a new page in the history" of their economic relations, adding that Great Britain which leaves the European Union, after having signed with the Kingdom a partnership agreement of economic continuity, intends to make Morocco a hub, a pivotal country and a gateway to Africa to strengthen its investment and exports to the continent. The Morocco-United Kingdom Business Dialogue aims to facilitate meetings between Moroccan and British businessmen, said the official, adding that the two countries need to increase their business volume in terms of trade and investments. Referring to the potential areas of investment, Jazouli stressed that the emphasis is on the financial sector as there are good operations that have been made, noting that a Moroccan bank bought for the first time a part of an English bank in Africa, while there is a British fund which invests in a Moroccan bank to develop in Africa. There are also sectors which draw the interest of the British economic community, in particular that of renewable energy with the successful experience of MASEN and other Moroccan projects in the same field, noted the minister. Launched on Tuesday in London, the Morocco-United Kingdom Business Dialogue was jointly organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Abroad and the Moroccan Employers' Association (CGEM), on the sidelines of the Africa-United Kingdom Investment Summit. 

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