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Two Israelis Arrested in Marrakech for their Involvement in Forgery of Administrative Documents to Obtain Moroccan Identity Documents

Rabat - Policemen have arrested two Israeli men in Marrakech in connection with the investigations on the criminal network that was involved in the forgery of administrative documents with the aim of obtaining Moroccan identity documents and passports for foreign citizens. The searches conducted in connection with the arrests led to the seizure of a Moroccan identity card and passport obtained through forgery, in addition to a residence permit issued by a Latin American country and whose authenticity is being verified, national police said in a statement.

Research and investigations have revealed that the two suspects have obtained Moroccan identity documents and passports using forged documents through the help of a criminal network that was dismantled in Casablanca. The suspects were remanded in custody, the source said, adding that investigations are underway to find out more on all the possible links of this criminal network.