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6 Juin 2020 - Par MAP

Temporary Suspension of Two Policemen for Fraud in Officer Competitions Organized by National Police

Rabat - The Director general of the national police took, on Thursday, the decision to temporarily suspend a police officer and a peace officer and present them before the disciplinary board, for their involvement in acts of fraud during their participation in the officers' competitive examinations previously organized by the national police (DGSN).

An internal audit of the files of policemen who successfully passed external professional competitions for promotion to a higher grade revealed that the answers of the two suspended officers were identical to scientific articles published on the Internet, which necessitated the opening of an administrative inquiry to check the tests and compare them with the published articles, a DGSN statement said Friday, adding that this administrative inquiry confirmed that the two individuals had indeed committed the act of fraud.

The same source recalled that the director general of the national police, Abdellatif Hammouchi, had attached particular importance to police recruitment and training as tools for selecting the best skills to perform police duties, which resulted in the adoption of a new recruitment charter that makes a definitive break with fraud and focuses essentially on transparency and equal opportunities.

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