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worldtribune.com le Mardi 21 Janvier 2014

Morocco said to buy Israeli-designed drones from France

London - Morocco was said to have acquired an Israeli-designed unmanned aerial vehicle.
Morocco said to buy Israeli-designed drones from France
French sources said the Royal Moroccan Air Force has signed a contract for the purchase of at least three Israeli UAVs.

The sources identified the unmanned platform as the Harfang, a French variant of Israel’s Heron medium-altitude, long-endurance UAV.

“It has been confirmed by French sources that the RMAF has purchased from France at least three medium-altitude long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicles,” the website farmorocco reported.

The website, which reports on the Moroccan military, said the UAVs were supplied by France’s Dassault Aviation in April 2013.

Dassault and Israel Aerospace Industries have been partners in Harfang, operated by the French Air Force in Afghanistan.

The sources said Morocco has ordered a range of subsystems for Harfang.
They said the contract, signed in March 2013, included electro-optics, data links and communications.

Farmorocco posted a document that cited the assets of the Moroccan Air
Force in 2013. The document listed three Heron as well as four U.S.-origin
Predator XP platforms.


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