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Safaa Kasraoui le Mercredi 15 Mai 2019

Morocco’s DGSN to Celebrate 63rd Anniversary

Rabat – Morocco’s General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) will celebrate the 63rd anniversary since its creation on Thursday, May 16.

The DGSN  is using the event to highlight its important role in ensuring security across Morocco. They will be showcasing their achievements through several initiatives including  “open days.”

The DGSN said that for the past two years it has been planning the event which is gaining considerable momentum.

The first annual open day event, held under the theme of National Security, Commitment and Loyalty, was attended by 80,000 visitors in Casablanca who explored the DGSN’s national role, its strategies, and initiatives.

MAP reported that the number of people who attended DGSN’s second annual open day event reached as many as 260,000 visitors in Marrakech.

The DGSN believe that the record of visitors reached is a testament to the success of the event in bringing citizens closer to DGSN to establishing trust and mutual respect between the public and the institution.

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The DGSN also emphasized the importance of its decision to expand its presence on social media, giving the Twitter account launched in January 2019 as an example.

The move, according to MAP, aims to strengthen communication with citizens to meet their expectations.

The Twitter account is followed by more than 14,000 internet users.

The celebration of the anniversary will serve as an opportunity to honor DGSN’s servants, who ensure the stability and security of the country.

On April 24,  King Mohammed VI launched the construction of the new DGSN headquarters. The project will cost MAD 2 billion and take five years to complete.

The project is in line with the royal speech made on the 17th anniversary of the King’s Coronation in 2016, in which he acknowledged the importance of the national police.

During the speech, the King also acknowledged the difficulties faced by national police due to limited resources.

The monarch also highlighted  that the police “work day and night and are subject to tremendous pressure, as they are exposed to danger when they are on duty.”

He continued by uring the government to “provide the security authorities with the necessary human and material resources to enable them to carry out their duty properly.”

The DGSN is responsible for providing security and for challenging all threats to the stability of the country, including terrorism, drug trafficking, and transnational organized crimes.

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