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3 Juin 2020 - Par MAP

MAScIR Develops a 100% Moroccan Diagnostic Kit for COVID-19 Testing

Casablanca - The Moroccan Foundation for Advanced Science, Innovation and Research (MAScIR), a Research and Development institution based in Rabat, has designed the first 100% Moroccan diagnostic kit for COCID-19 testing, which was tested and validated by the Royal Armed Forces, the Royal Gendarmerie as well as the Pasteur Institute in Paris.

With its 10-year experience in the development of molecular diagnostic kits, MAScIR undertook, from the beginning of the global health crisis due to SARS-COV 2, to develop a RT-PCR diagnostic test for this pathogen, which is marked by its high degree of sensitivity and reliability and its controlled cost, the foundation said in a press release.

Once developed at its medical biology laboratories, MAScIR submitted this test to a series of validation processes at reference biological and virological centers in Morocco and abroad, which confirmed its effectiveness and reliability, the source pointed out. On this occasion, MAScIR expressed its thanks to the public authorities, in particular the Ministries of Interior and Economy, Finance and Administrative Reform as well as the Ministry of Health for their support and monitoring. The foundation also voiced thanks to the Royal Armed Forces, the Royal Gendarmerie, the National Institute of Hygiene and the Casablanca University Hospital which actively participated in the tests conducted at their laboratories in Rabat, Casablanca, Marrakech and Meknes.

At the end of the tests, the diagnostic kit developed by MAScIR has obtained the validation from accredited national and foreign laboratories, in particular of the Royal Armed Forces and the Royal Gendarmerie as well as the Pasteur Institute in Paris, placing it thus at the same level as tests used internationally, the source said. Created in 2007, MAScIR is a Moroccan foundation which aims to promote and develop research and development centers in Morocco that meet the country's needs in advanced technologies, particularly in the medical biology sector.

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