MAP le Vendredi 7 Février 2020

Lieutenant General, FAR Inspector General Holds Talks with French Minister of Armed Forces

Rabat - Pursuant to the high instructions from HM the King, Supreme Commander and Chief of General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR), the Lieutenant General, FAR Inspector General received, Thursday at the FAR General Staff in Rabat, French minister of Armed Forces, Florence Parly. Upon her arrival at the FAR General Staff, the minister was welcomed by Lieutenant General, FAR Inspector General, before reviewing a military detachment that made the honors, said a statement from the FAR General Staff.

The talks, which took place in the presence of the Heads of the 2nd, 3rd and 5th Bureaux of the General Staff of the FAR and Inspectors of the Royal Air Forces and of the Royal Navy, as well as the Ambassador of France to Morocco, focused on the means to strengthen military cooperation between the armed forces of the two countries. To this end, the two sides expressed their satisfaction with the quality, strength and sustainability of this bilateral cooperation and reiterated their willingness to further develop it through sharing experience and expertise, the source added.

Military cooperation between the Moroccan Royal Armed Forces and the French Armed Forces includes exchange of visits, training, participation in various military trainings and exercises as well as technical support. It is governed by a Technical Military agreement, signed in 1994, and a Status of Forces agreement, inked in 2005, which regulates the presence of forces on the territories of the two countries during military exercises. Other technical arrangements and specific agreements have also been signed between the different components (land, air and sea) of the two armed forces.

Mixed Military Commissions are held each year alternately in Rabat and Paris. The last meeting took place in Rabat in June 2019. Florence Parly leads a large delegation on a working visit to the Kingdom. 

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