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INDH Phase III: First Year Rich with Achievements and Initiatives

Agadir - Preserving the dignity of the citizen, improving his living conditions and enhancing human capital, these are the main objectives of the third phase of the National Initiative for Human Development (INDH), which celebrated its first anniversary with several achievements and initiatives. Worth 18 billion dirhams, this third phase (2019-2023), which encompasses the youth platform "Argana" for listening and guidance, inaugurated Wednesday by HM King Mohammed VI in the commune of Ait Melloul, is based on four main programs, namely the reduction of deficits in terms of infrastructure and basic services, support for people in precarious situation, improvement of income and the economic inclusion for young people and the enhancement of human capital for coming generations. This program totaling 4 billion MAD intends to continue the effort initiated during the first two phases of the INDH, by reducing the inequalities that still exist both at the social and territorial level, mainly in five priority sectors: education, health, drinking water supply, roads, rural roads and engineering structures and rural electrification.

During the year 2019, it has enabled the development, at national level, of 522 projects, of which 135 have been completed and 387 are under way, for the benefit of 744,000 people with a budget of nearly 682 million dirhams.

The second program, also worth 4 bln MAD over five years, is related to supporting people in precarious situation. This support consists essentially of providing care for beneficiaries in specialized centers (reception centers for abandoned children, centers for people with special needs, retirement homes, etc.), coupled with a socio-economic reintegration approach if necessary.

In 2019, this program witnessed the construction of 31 Centers and the equipment of 89 others across the various regions of the Kingdom, as well as the acquisition of 45 ambulances and mobile medical units.

The third program (4 bln MAD) aims to improve income and economic inclusion of young people by supporting young entrepreneurs and project leaders.

The implementation of this program allowed, during the previous year, the construction, equipment and upgrading of 62 facilities for young people (listening and guidance) and the organization of an ideas contest (HACKATHON) in relation to projects on the theme of early childhood in all regions of the Kingdom, with the participation of 600 young people. Among the achievements made within the framework of this program, there is notably the recruitment of 1,578 educators under the program of generalization of pre-school education in rural areas and the support for the province of Jerada for the recruitment of 1,500 young people.

As for the fourth program, it mobilizes a budget of 6 bln MAD and aims to boost the human capital of the coming generations through notably the improvement of the health and nutrition of the mother and the child, the generalization of the pre-school education in rural and remote areas, the encouragement of academic success and the fight against the main causes of dropout.

With regard to "the generalization of pre-school education in rural and remote areas", the previous year saw the creation of 1,263 pre-school education units, benefiting 30,278 children supervised by 1,578 educators. 

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