MAP le Jeudi 16 Janvier 2020

'Bayt Dakira' of Essaouira Old Medina, Heritage and Cultural 'Pride' of the Kingdom (Official)

Essaouira - The "Bayt Dakira" space of the old medina of Essaouira, visited Wednesday by HM King Mohammed VI, Commander of the Faithful, is a heritage and cultural "pride" of the Kingdom, said minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, spokesman of the government, El Hassan Abyaba.

The "Bayt Dakira" space, which is a unique spiritual and heritage monument of its kind in the southern Mediterranean and the Islamic world, is "a source of pride for the city of Essaouira, for its inhabitants, for culture and for all Moroccans," he said in a statement to MAP.

The minister stressed, in this regard, the willingness of his department to ensure that the city of Essaouira receives support and monitoring in terms of culture, heritage and infrastructure, "so that it remains an ancient city in which culture, heritage and authenticity of history converge".

He also highlighted the contribution of the ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports amounting to about 15 million dirhams, invested within the framework of the complementary program for the rehabilitation and development of the old medina of Essaouira, stressing his willingness to support the new structure, restoration and preservation of the city's monuments.

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