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1 Juin 2020 - Par Amadou Lamine Sall


America, the USA gets along, is a nation that we respect because we will never forget that she made us walk on the moon. Why then such nation that has given so much to the world, has made us walk for a long time and always in tears, mourning, blood, violence ? This America that made us dream so much has children who touch the stars every day by the strength of their creative spirit, inventive and prodigious. How can we go up to heaven and come down so quickly in mud, death, injustice?
      Georges Floyd was a black son from this America! He only wanted to live in a country where freedom is a flag. This flag has fallen. It's been a long time grave. He's been in rags for a long time. In America public security kills. Yes, the police murder and they murder in front of the cameras, as if they taunt justice, laws. She’s been doing it for a long time and she does it without fear, almost with relish, with a scary appetite. And the silence follows, nothing but the silence, the long nights, the long days, long years of silence and impunity. And fathers, moms, families forever marked by the murder of their child than by the contempt for justice which followed and which acquits the murderers. Riots don't change anything. The sky always ends up turning blue.

       America is unfaithful to its dreams. Unfaithful to the ideal of humanity. Unfaithful to century that welcomes it. This country is not a country. It's death. It's a tragedy. Obama hasn't changed anything. He suffered and he left. Obama was a decoy. Obama was a accident. Obama was a shooting star. Obama was a miracle and miracles happen repeat little. The circle quickly closed. The cycle waits for other centuries. The House white remains white.

       As far as we can remember, America has worn its colt, ridden fiercely his horse, exterminated those who first founded it. The car has replaced the horse but the pistol remained. America is not beautiful. America is a misfortune.

     America is the misery of the neglected. America is the dictatorship of the rich and the Whites. Love seems to be always interested in it. The "Dream factories" sell a false life, devastating utopias. God doesn’t never feet. We would quickly shoot him in the head.  Black people like yesterday, native Indians are only really free there when they are in a coffin. America is unreasonable impunity. America is Merchant. She mints everything. Until the fraternity. America is not a country. It’s an icy arena. America is the disease of money, profit, vanity, of the blind quest for power.

     Admittedly, she had admirable heads of state and legendary, but they are often shot by killers. America is free, but this freedom can be deadly. The face of America's knee on the neck of  Georges Floyd is wild, slimy, dry, cruel, unfair and ugly. This America does not will not turn back anytime soon. The Devil elected residence there.

      America is in America. She doesn't come out. She can't see herself. She does not not see the seeds of death and the hatred it sows. And the tall grass is arrivals that close the horizon. America’s only horizon is America.

      Silence, we kill! This is not the America we love and which we say is freedom girl. This girl is horrible. This freedom is poisoned and leprous. She only serves evil !

       Let no one come to doubt our respect and our admiration for a nation we never imagined to be tribal and deadly. But there is too much blood in the ditch. It’s not America that we love. She must go back to what made her a noble and beautiful nation: justice. Freedom has become impunity.

      Between justice and freedom, we choose justice. The death of Georges Floyd is a live assassination. It is insulting and immoral to describe this act as a homicide. More still insulting and revolting when we classify such an act in the 3rd degree. It's time to deconstruct the racist American mental system. 
     America must stop captivating the world view on an America that is only funeral. It is worth more. She can. MustMust ! America has managed to be sadly singular, when it was born plural, it is to say welcoming and fraternal and mestizo. Violence has sadly given too many children. Industrial society has produced great casualties there. Let's go back to love and respect for human life. Peace born first of peace in itself. What can i hope from America if after giving me everything, a bullet is waiting for me at the corner of a street hour, because the will to kill is stronger than the desire for humanity ? There is also a state police who assassinate by blowing the trumpet so that no one misses the scene of crime !
      The death of Georges Floyd is only the lasting and frightening continuity of a impunity in an America where the freedom to kill is open. America must come to help America before it's too late!
      How desperate and sad !

Amadou Lamine Sall
Winner of the Great Prices of the French Academy

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